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APL Membership: Leveraging your pig levy

If you’ve paid the pig slaughter levy in the 2018-19 financial year, you’re eligible to apply for Australian Pork Limited (APL) Producer Membership and gain access to a range of membership benefits – including voting for your representative in the upcoming Delegate Elections.

While levy-paying pig producers can become APL Members at any time, current and prospective members need to complete and return the APL Producer Member Application Form by 2 September 2019 to be eligible to vote in the Delegate Elections.

Being a pig producer, paying a levy or having a PigPass account does not automatically make you an APL Member. APL producer membership is free, however APL has a responsibility to verify your eligibility as a member and other details as required.

In previous years, this meant that, along with the membership details form, producers had to complete a Statutory Declaration every three years stating the Pig Slaughter Levy paid by the member in the previous financial year.

We understand that it’s not always easy to get a Statutory Declaration witnessed, so we recently adopted an easier method.

If you have been using the online PigPass movement reporting system, you can now consent to APL accessing your PigPass records to verify your levy paid. If you prefer that APL does not access your records in this way, the Statutory Declaration option is still available.

As an APL Producer Member you will receive:

  • The rights to nominate and vote for a Delegate – for every $1 of levy paid, Producer Members are entitled to 1 vote for their nominated Delegate (see Delegate Nomination and Election section below)
  • Access to exclusive Members-Only online content such as Delegate Forum presentations, Pig Farm Invasion Tool Kit and APL’s online publication archives via the Member Portal
  • The member-exclusive monthly newsletter, APL Update
  • Weekly Eyes and Ears market news
  • Weekly estimated slaughter trends
  • Monthly Imports, Exports and Domestic Production market reports
  • Subsidised travel to and from the Pan Pacific Pork Expo (PPPE)
  • Preferential registration to APL workshops, conferences, webinars and exhibitions
  • Opportunities to network with industry experts and other groups.

Please note: Intermediaries paying the pig slaughter levy on behalf of others are not eligible for APL Producer Membership, but producers who have paid their levy via an intermediary are eligible.

All new memberships are subject to approval from the APL Board. We therefore encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this process, or need any assistance, please contact the APL Membership team at or 02 6270 8814.

Current APL Producer Members

To maintain their APL Membership, existing APL Producer Members must confirm or update their organisation information and eligibility for membership and must either;

  1. give a standing consent for APL to calculate levy paid via accessing PigPass records (NVDs), or
  2. provide a statutory declaration to APL stating that they are an Australian pig producer and the amount of Pig Slaughter Levy they have paid in the relevant financial year.

Levy contributions are calculated from the number of pigs slaughtered in the previous financial year. For the upcoming membership renewal period, the Pig Slaughter Levy paid will be the number of pigs slaughtered for 2018-19 x $3.25.

For the upcoming period, membership renewal forms must be completed and submitted between 1 July 2019 and 2 September 2019.

Download the Producer Membership Form Pack (includes Delegate Nomination and Consent to Act forms)

New APL Members

Australian Pig Producers who have paid a Pig Slaughter Levy during the previous financial year may become APL Producer Members at any time, however please be aware that all producer members, including those who sign up from January to June 2019, will be required to complete membership renewal forms for the 2019-2022 membership period.

To become an APL Member, please download and complete one of the following forms. Current Associate Producer Members who have paid a Pig Slaughter Levy in the 2018-19 financial year should submit a Producer Membership form.

Producer Membership Form Pack (includes Delegate Nomination and Consent to Act forms)
(For producers who pay a levy)

Other membership types

There are three different membership categories:

  • Producer member: levy paying producers; members in this category can vote for a delegate, provided they submit their membership application to APL before the return date as set out by the Board (2 September 2019).
  • Associate producer member: producers who have not paid levy in the relevant financial year; these producers are required to be sponsored by a current APL member and are not eligible to vote, and
  • Associate corporate member: an industry related company or manufacturer with clear benefits and connections to the pig industry.

If you do not pay a levy but would still like to be an APL member, please get in touch to discuss other membership options.

Associate Producer Membership Form
(Producers who do not pay a levy or have not paid levy in the previous financial year)

Associate Corporate Membership (fees apply)

If you are interested in an Associate Corporate Membership, please contact Nikki Watson on 02 6270 8814 or

For further information, please contact the APL Membership Team on 1800 789 099 (toll free) or email

Delegate Nominations and Elections

What is an APL Delegate?

Delegates are appointed for three-year terms by APL members to represent members’ interests at general meetings and to, among other things, vote on the election of APL’s Elected Directors.

Delegates are an important communication link between APL and its members. They form a vital conduit for exchange of information between APL and the industry. It is the expectation of APL members that a Delegate is active in performing this role. This includes active participation at two Delegate forum meetings a year (usually May and November) and when requested, assisting at regional producer meetings.

All APL members are entitled to nominate an APL Delegate to represent their interests more directly to APL through a well-structured Delegate communication programme. Delegates play an important role in assisting APL to better meet member needs and understand the concerns of producers and the broader industry.

Members may nominate a Delegate to represent them on certain matters at general meetings of Australian Pork Limited (APL). Individuals representing Member organisations may nominate themselves.

A Delegate is a ‘natural person’, meaning they are appointed in their own right as an individual, not because of any organisational or representational role. Delegates do not have to be members or directors of APL.

A Delegate is appointed when a Member or Members together, having paid an amount of pig slaughter levy as recorded in the APL membership register equal to or greater than the ‘Delegate Levy Amount’, nominate the Delegate as their representative.

The Delegate Levy Amount for the 2019 Delegate Election is $460,880.

Each APL Member may nominate one person as their Delegate. Please note that your entire slaughter levy will be allocated to the nominee of your choosing, who in turn may reallocate any unused levy to an existing nominee.

To vote for your nominated delegate, simply complete and return the APL Delegate Nomination Form by 2 September 2019.

Alternatively, in coming weeks, you will be able to nominate online via the PigPass Portal. Once the voting section is available, the portal will allow you to view the results of your nomination in real time as you can see who has already been nominated, how many votes they have received and who has already been appointed. The portal ensures your levy allocation is directed to the nominee of your choice and not re-allocated to a different nominee.

Role and responsibilities of APL Delegates

The delegate structure provides a democratic process for soliciting and channelling producer feedback to the APL Board and management. Delegates have a responsibility to their producer voters to be diligent in representing them in industry matters.

Delegates are to respond to requests for information within a timely manner and are to be both available and prepared to contribute at high levels. This is of enormous benefit to APL in gathering information and determining positions of the Australian pork industry.

Twice a year, approximately May and November, APL holds Delegate Forums. At these forums, delegates have the opportunity to provide input into and find out about APL strategies and activities. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) occurs the day after the November Delegates forum. Delegates are expected to attend both the May and November forum, including the AGM, and to adhere to APL Delegate Travel Guidelines.

Rights of APL Delegates

Each Delegate is entitled to:
i. receive notices of general meetings and all other documents sent to members in respect of general meetings and
ii. attend and speak at general meetings.

Delegates vote at a general meeting on any matter other than matters reserved to Members under the Constitution or the law including, but not limited to:
i. the election of Elected Directors
ii. the ratification of Specialist Directors’ appointments
iii. the total remuneration payable to the Directors of the Company
iv. resolutions proposed by Members or Delegates and
v. procedural resolutions.

When voting at a general meeting on any matter, each delegate is entitled to one vote. Each delegate is entitled to receive an annual report and a person may serve as a delegate for as many terms as they are appointed.


How do I become a Delegate?

If you are interested in standing as an APL Delegate please complete and return the Consent to Act as an APL Delegate Form no later than 19 July 2019, to ensure new and renewing members have sufficient opportunity to consider you as their Delegate.

APL Delegates – not Members or Directors

A Delegate does not have to be a member or director of the Company for the purposes of the law or the Constitution. A Delegate’s only rights and obligations are the rights and obligations set out in APL’s Constitution. The Constitution is intended to operate as a contract between the Company and a Delegate.

If you have any questions about this process, or need any assistance, please contact the APL Membership team at or 02 6270 8814.