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Next on the Menu

Australian Pork Ltd is proud to deliver a curation of conversations on the future of food. The ‘Next on the Menu’ podcast will feature some incredible people across the entire food industry, and explore their perspectives on the innovations that will challenge the world of food as we know it.

Listen to our latest episode:

A second generation Italian and renowned chef, Nino Zoccali has all the fiery passion for good produce and great food. Nino grew up in country Western Australia with his mother’s family farming in the region for almost 100 years and remains committed and connected to agriculture and the land. At just 25, he opened his first restaurant in Margaret River and today he owns and operates two of Australia’s most awarded Italian restaurants out of Sydney. Nino shares with us his take on rebuilding consumer connections to the supply chain, where Australian pork fits into post COVID menus and his urgent messages to both APL and our producers, in cementing a sustainable future. 

Next on the Menu: Episode 3

Stephen Nankervis from Fairtrade Australia & NZ. Stephen has a passion for ‘fair’ which makes absolute sense considering his role at Fairtrade (Head of Commercial Partnerships) sees him responsible for helping businesses in Australia source coffee and cocoa rom cooperatives in developing countries and thus makes sure our businesses here are tapping into ethical sourcing options. Stephen also worked in the pork industry previously for over 12 years and with a keen interest in food, including a specific fennel dusted crackling on his roast pork, Stephen confidently delves into some big issues for our pork producers – including traceability, climate change, innovation and consumer demands. 

Next on the Menu: Episode 2

Luke Leyson didn’t quite realise the wild ride he was in for when he first signed up to butchery. In fact, it was supposed to be a stepping stone to a career as a chef. He’s now adamant that being a butcher deserves the same ‘rock-star’ status as chefs get these days, that he’s stopping at nothing to ensure that happens. He’s represented Australian on the global meat stage, is using social media to amplify his voice and, from his corner of the world in Adelaide, is making huge strides in profiling and innovating Australian pork. 

Next on the Menu: Episode 1

We could listen to Melissa Clark-Reynolds, a futurist from New Zealand, for hours… Believe us when we say, Melissa has the most incredible insights and predictions for what’s coming for the global meat industry and she shares what she picks are the biggest challenges and opportunities for the Australian pork sector. Not only is Melissa brilliantly clever she has the ability to break issues down and pinpoint the most important facts and explain them in a way, that put simply… just clicks. The youngest women to attend NZ university at just 15, Melissa describes her career as an eclectic mix but officially, is known as a social entrepreneur, professional director and futurist, where she works with companies, particularly around the application of new technologies. She was awarded the Order of NZ Merit for Services to Technology in 2015 and in 2007 she was the first New Zealander to train with Al Gore as a Climate Project presenter. She’s passionate about championing climate and sustainability issues and most of her work involves the future of food and agriculture.