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WEBINAR: Financial initiatives to support emissions reduction and reduce climate risk

You’re invited to join a webinar to learn how financial initiatives can help you engage with emissions reduction and reducing climate risk. The Climate Research Strategy for Primary Industries (CRSPI) will host the webinar on Wednesday, 15 July 2020, to share the latest climate related information and strategies for the agricultural sector. It will explore how finance initiatives can assist Australian agriculture to engage with climate risk and motivate investment in emissions reduction within the sector. The webinar will feature presentations from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Rabobank …

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Strengthened biosecurity penalties

APL welcomes proposed amendments to the Biosecurity Act 2015 to strengthen biosecurity penalties, which was introduced into the House of Representatives last week. Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said the Biosecurity Amendment (Traveller Declarations and Other Measures) Bill 2020 reflected the need to be vigilant to protect Australia from an ever-increasing number of pests and diseases that threaten Australian agriculture. “Diseases such as African swine fever would be devastating for our pork industry, as well as threaten our trade, environment and economy …

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Further Improvements to Singapore Market Access

APL has been advised that the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has determined that the use of Improvac as a form of immunocastration has no food safety risks and is removing its restriction on the use of Improvac for imports of chilled pork. Removal of the restriction has been requested by producers and is a longstanding APL market access goal. We are working with the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment (DAWE) to release a Market Access Advice with updated …

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National surveillance study – the choice to opt out

Veterinarians use antimicrobials “as little as possible, as much as necessary” to ensure that the health and welfare of the pig is not compromised throughout its life. In 2015 we showed that Australia’s favourable low antimicrobial resistance status is advantageous for increasing consumer confidence. One way that the industry can continue to demonstrate our good animal management practices is by providing hard, science-based evidence. APL is completing an antimicrobial resistance surveillance study funded with support from the Australian Government Department of …

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