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Outcomes from the APL Annual General Meeting

From 19–21 November, the APL Board, Management, Delegates and staff convened in Melbourne at the APL Delegates Form, Annual General Meeting (AGM), and Annual Conference. APL Board Members, Mr Aeger Kingma and Mr Andrew Johnson being eligible, offered themselves for re-election to the APL Board as elected Directors and were subsequently nominated. Both were re-elected unopposed to the office of Director. Kathy Grigg’s reappointment as a Specialist Director was ratified by APL Delegates at this AGM.

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Seasonal Infertility Manual

The summer can be one of the most challenging times of the year for care of pigs as the combination of heat and increased day-length create environmental conditions that can be difficult to cope with and manage. Over time, the Australian pig industry, through PRDC, APL and the Pork CRC, have spent considerable resources in addressing the issues that affect pig production during the summer. The outcomes of all this research has been put together in a single publication – Preparing for …

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National Residue Survey 2012-13 (Pigs)

The animal product program monitors the residue status of Australian meat products in accordance with the maximum residue limits and maximum contaminant levels set out in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The National Residue Survey (NRS)  animal product program fulfils the requirements of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and the export certification requirements of international trading partners, ensuring Australia’s market access. The program also supports state and territory licensing of domestic processing facilities and industry quality assurance initiatives. To download the 2012-13 NRS, click here.

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