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Call for Tenders: Industry Assessment Evaluation

As part of Australian Pork Limited’s Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth Government, it is required to prepare and maintain an Evaluation Framework in line with APL’s R&D Program Framework and as such we are currently calling for tenders for the conduct of an Industry Assessment Evaluation of research conducted by APL in 2018/19. Find out more

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Exotic disease surveillance study – the choice to opt out

Australia is free of many pig diseases that could have significant impacts on the cost of production. Australia’s favourable animal health status is advantageous for increasing domestic consumer confidence as well as trade and market access. One way we can prove our animal health status and freedom of disease is by providing hard evidence through scientific data. Currently, APL is being funded by the Department of Agriculture to undertake a structured surveillance study ‘Australian livestock industry health studies pilot project’. This study …

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AuctionsPlus: Online Saleyard Pilot Report

Australian Pork Limited (APL) commissioned AuctionsPlus, a regulated online saleyard to investigate the current pig industry, market and sales channels to see whether an alternative to physical saleyards and unregulated online platforms could be found using the AuctionsPlus platform. The investigation intended to: Examine the technical feasibility of the AuctionsPlus platform for selling pigs Examine the interest in the market for using AuctionsPlus as an alternative selling mechanism Conduct 6 pilot sales in Victoria, to prove both the technical feasibility, and market interest …

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New biosecurity resources for visitors to your farm

Ensure your farm visitors are aware of the risks around African swine fever (ASF) and the biosecurity measures they need to take to keep your pigs safe. APL and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) have developed some posters and a pamphlet to assist with biosecurity and ASF awareness. We encourage you to print them out and make them available to your visitors and staff. Download the A4 pamphlet Download the A4 poster Download the A3 poster Access more ASF and biosecurity …

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