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CoVID-19 producer update (7 April 2020)

With a number of significant issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that APL is listening to stakeholders in the supply chain and working with governments and representative bodies to limit the impact on our industry. The effective shut-down of the foodservice industry, representing 26 per cent of our market, has created significant supply chain disruption. Many producers are now facing a drop in prices, especially where exposure to the wholesale and foodservice supply chain is greatest. APL is one of a number of …

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CoVID-19 update for producers (24 March 2020)

Australian Pork Limited is active on several fronts in response to the rapidly evolving impact of COVID-19. APL is committed to ensuring Australian pig producers and the wider pork industry are best placed to respond to the unfolding situation. We are encouraged by assurances from Federal and State jurisdictions that agricultural supply chains, as ‘essential services’, will remain operational during any shut-down period. Nonetheless we will maintain a vigilant watching brief on anything which may compromise producer and processor operations. APL is …

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and your workforce guide

APL has developed a document to provide general guidance to assist pig producers to plan for and mitigate the risks posed by CoVID-19 to their employees, their business, animal welfare and the supply of pork products to the community.These guidelines have been prepared to help the pig industry prepare for and manage the impacts of the CoVID-19 pandemic.They are designed as prompts to consider strategies aimed at: protecting the health and safety of your employees, their families and broader communityensuring the …

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Pork supply secure, call to support foodservice trade

Australia’s pork industry is well placed to continue to meet customer demand in the coming weeks, despite the market disruptions caused by COVID-19. Australian Pork Limited CEO, Margo Andrae, said while the restaurant trade was experiencing a sharp downturn, producers were meeting increased demand at supermarkets and butchers. APL CEO Margo Andrae “Pork plays a significant role in meeting our national food needs. On average each Australian eats more than 10 kilograms of fresh, locally produced pork every year,” Ms Andrae said. “Despite the …

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