Successful Group Housing Systems for Dry Sows Workshops – Presentations Available

The Australian pork industry is moving towards lower confinement systems after weaning and during gestation. In October 2013, APL and Pork CRC held sow housing workshops to provide information to Australian pork producers on group housing of sows.

In April 2014, a further two sow housing workshops were held in Toowoomba and Melbourne to provide an update of how pork producers are managing these changes to lower confinement systems some 18 months later. These workshops provided new information on the principles and strategies to mix sows in groups from weaning and after insemination.

The one-day workshops were a combination of presentations from industry experts and facilitated panel discussions with pork producers who have recently changed from stall to group housing. The presentations are now available here…


Setting the Scene

How housing systems for dry sows has changed in the Australian Pork Industry in the past years from stall to group housing based systems.

Dr Darryl D’Souza



Dr Roger Campbell




Key Principles on How to Mix Sows and Manage Sows in Group Housing Systems

This presentation was based upon the extensive literature review conducted by Hemsworth and Hansen for the Pork CRC.

Paul Hemswoth




Behaviour and Sow Welfare Results from Relevant Pork CRC Projects

  • Mixing Strategies (space, barriers, duration)
  • Mixing at Weaning and Mixing 5 days after AI

Jean Loup Rault



Roger Campbell for Paul Hughes




Animal Health Observations with Changes to Group Housing in Australia

Bernie Gleeson



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