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Producers key to safe and effective agvet chemicals

The federal body responsible for agricultural and veterinary chemical products is calling on producers for help.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) wants producers and suppliers to report adverse effects and non-compliant or unregistered products.

Adverse experience

An adverse experience may involve:

  • Risks to safety in animals
  • Risks to safety in humans using or exposed to the product/s
  • Lack of efficacy, when the correct label dose is used
  • Other unintended or unexpected side effects

You can report adverse experiences, including those where a product has been used off-label on the APVMA website.

Alternatively, you can email or phone 1800 700 583.

Recall of agvet products from the market

The APVMA is also responsible for the recall of Agvet products. Participation in a recall by the APVMA or manufacturer is mandatory. Products may be recalled due to:

  • Risks to safety
  • A lack of efficacy
  • The product being unregistered
  • Formulation errors
  • Labelling or manufacturing errors

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