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Further Improvements to Singapore Market Access

APL has been advised that the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has determined that the use of Improvac as a form of immunocastration has no food safety risks and is removing its restriction on the use of Improvac for imports of chilled pork.

Removal of the restriction has been requested by producers and is a longstanding APL market access goal. We are working with the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment (DAWE) to release a Market Access Advice with updated requirements for chilled pork products for Singapore.

This development follows similar moves by SFA to liberalise Singapore’s meat import requirements. These have included the adoption of codex MRLs for ractopamine, and the relaxation of time-from-slaughter export eligibility rules. These measures reflect Singapore’s efforts to ensure adequate supplies of imported pork amidst the uncertainties of ASF and COVID-19. Australian exporters will be happy to assist!

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