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Exotic disease surveillance study – the choice to opt out

Australia is free of many pig diseases that could have significant impacts on the cost of production. Australia’s favourable animal health status is advantageous for increasing domestic consumer confidence as well as trade and market access. One way we can prove our animal health status and freedom of disease is by providing hard evidence through scientific data.

Currently, APL is being funded by the Department of Agriculture to undertake a structured surveillance study ‘Australian livestock industry health studies pilot project’.

This study involves screening healthy pigs for diseases not present in Australia and involves the collection of blood samples at slaughter (only export abattoirs) to show absence of African swine fever, classical swine fever, porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome and porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus in Australian pigs.

Participating in this research will provide potential benefits for producers including providing hard evidence that Australia is free of exotic pig diseases such as African swine fever, and supporting trade and market access negotiations. If your pigs are sampled and return a positive (and possibly a false positive) result, this may trigger a state government investigation.

This project is currently underway. If you do not wish for your pigs to be sampled as part of this research project, please provide your PIC and Tattoo number to to opt out.

For further information contact Lechelle van Breda on 0447 099 397.

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