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Elected Director Vacancy

As required by Australian Pork Limited’s (APL) constitution, two elected directors of Australian Pork Limited will resign at the AGM being held on 14 November 2019.

Two Elected Director positions will become vacant on Thursday 14 November 2019.

Delegates will vote to elect two Elected Director candidates to the vacant positions at the AGM.

Nominations are being called for the APL elected director vacancies. A producer member of APL or a current APL Director can nominate a person(s) to stand for election as an Elected Director.

The Funding Agreement between APL and the Commonwealth Government (Department of Agriculture) and the APL Constitution both require a ‘skills-based Board’.

To ensure a skills-based Board is maintained, nominated candidates who are not existing Directors of the Board are required to provide a curriculum vitae together with a statement specifically addressing their potential contribution to the following collective Board core skill and experience competencies:

  • Governance
  • Financial management
  • Government relations/public policy/administration
  • Production
  • Processing
  • Food industry
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Market development and international marketing
  • R&D/R&D administration
  • R&D commercialisation and technology transfer
  • Conservation and natural resource management
  • Business and management acumen.

The APL People & Culture Board Committee will review all nominations received to determine the impact of each candidate’s skills on the maintenance of a skills-based Board.

Nominated candidates must provide a consent to the nomination.

Nominations for these positions close at 5.00pm on Thursday 10 October 2019.

For further information, to nominate a candidate(s) or to obtain a consent to nomination form, please contact:

Mr Damien Howse
Company Secretary,
Australian Pork Limited
PO Box 4746,
Kingston ACT 2604
Phone: 02 6270 8805

If you are an APL Member please login to the APL Member portal below.


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