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Butcher’s Hook BBQ winner

Congratulations to David Shaw from Tender Cuts Arana Hills and Newmarket, who won our Butcher competition to win a Weber Family BBQ.

To enter the competition to win a BBQ, butchers had to subscribe to Australian Pork’s new program for Butchers – The Butcher’s Hook.

Success, sales and profitability are the aims of The Butcher’s Hook program launched by Australian Pork Limited earlier this year.

Independent Channels Manager, Jennifer Fletcher, said the program was an update and refresh of The Butcher’s Battleplan, a program first developed for butchers in 2012.

“While the past six years have brought many changes to the retail landscape, many of the same challenges exist,” she said.

“We’ve refreshed the program and overhauled it, with The Butcher’s Hook delivering bite-sized useful information and more video content.

“We know butchers like tips and hints, so they will continue to be a focus, along with learnings from other butchers.”

Topics will be wide-ranging, from what consumers want to business costs, staffing to competition.

“The reality is that butchers are under pressure from a lot of different issues and we’ll be offering tips to tackle and ease these, with the end goal of making your business more successful,” Ms Fletcher said.

“The Butcher’s Hook will cover everything from training to in-store display and point of sale materials, to the latest pork advertising campaigns and information about the PorkMark program, as well as competitions, recipe templates and tips for media engagement.

“Butchers who subscribe also gain access to a new pork value-add recipe every two weeks.”

The Butcher’s Hook has been officially launched to kick off in 2018, with butchers encouraged to sign up at or by emailing

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