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African swine fever would cost $2bn: APL

The national economic impact from an African swine fever (ASF) incursion in Australia would has been estimated to be up to $2.03 billion1 for a larger, multi-point impact over five years.

APL funded the ACIL Allen report titled, ‘Economic analysis of African swine fever incursion into Australia‘ that details the impacts of an ASF outbreak in Australia.

APL CEO Margo Andrae said while there has been a significant increase in virus detection at our borders in recent months, it is crucial that all participants in Australia’s biosecurity system play their part in managing the threat.

“The threat of incursion from African swine fever is not one we can take lightly. Not only is our pork supply at stake but the jobs of 36,000 Australian’s are at risk,” Ms Andrae said.

The latest testing figures release by Australian Border Security found that 48 per cent of pork products seized at airports and in international mail during September 2019 were contaminated with fragments of the virus. This was in addition to three samples that contain foot and mouth disease fragments, and which were immediately destroyed.

“Just this weekend, a second individual was deported, and their Australian visa was cancelled at Sydney Airport when they failed to declare they were carrying pork products from Vietnam. This is a clear signal to future travellers that Australia is taking this issue very seriously and I implore travellers to adhere to our laws.”

“We are fully committed to working with the Australian Government to keep Australia free of ASF, maintaining our premium product status” Ms Andrae said.

Read the Economic analysis of African swine fever incursion into Australia

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