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What’s next for the 2019 APIQ✓® Major Review?

The initial stakeholder consultation component of the 2019 APIQ✓® Major Review has now been completed by Prime Consulting International.

After the Major Review reference group meeting on 22 January, there were nine stakeholder meetings between 30 January and 19 February in VIC, NSW, WA, QLD and SA, with a teleconference for Tasmanian stakeholders.

During the stakeholder communication meetings participants discussed four key discussion points which had been identified by the reference group. Further, there was a significant amount of time devoted to items from the floor.

The key discussion points were:

  • Biosecurity – Are the APIQ✓® standards for biosecurity strong enough?
  • Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) – Should/could APIQ✓® be utilised to improve Australia’s reputation around the responsible use of antibiotics?
  • Performance based auditing – Should APIQ✓® consider a system that rewards high performing producers?
  • Engagement with smaller producers – How could APIQ✓® attract smaller producers?

Prime Consulting will compile the feedback received through the stakeholder communications meetings, along with their own findings on other aspects of the major review.

The draft recommendations will be forwarded to APIQ Management in May 2020.

APIQ Management in conjunction with the APL Executive Team, the APIQ✓® Panel and the QA and Animal Welfare Committee will review the recommendations and decide whether they should be adopted by the APIQ✓® Program, and/or if further stakeholder consultation is required.

APIQ Management would like to thank everyone who gave their time and effort to provide feedback to the 2019 APIQ✓® Major Review. Your commitment to the program will help us to ensure that APIQ✓® continues to deliver what our industry needs, when our industry needs it.

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