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Save the date: Climate and Carbon in Agriculture 2020

As primary industries are presented with a range of challenges in the face of a variable climate, it leaves many asking, what are the facts, what is being done, and what can we do? These are the issues that speakers from across Australia and the world will be exploring at the CRSPI Conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 31 March – 1 April 2020.

The overarching goal for CRSPI is to increase industry resilience and preparedness to adapt to our changing and variable climate and mitigate emissions from the sector.

CRSPI brings together people from across a wide range of commodity sectors, primary producers, governments, research investors and researchers to arm attendees with the latest climate related information and strategies for the agricultural sector.

This year’s Conference program will address a number of topics with the key streams including domestic and international perspectives on climate change, how the industry can and will work towards “net zero” emissions, climate adaption, an update on the latest research, development and extension projects, and a showcase of carbon innovation and technology. The program will also host producer discussions and perspectives, while exploring how concepts can be practically applied on the ground.

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