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Letter to the editor: Did you know the majority of ham and bacon is made from imported pork?

They are much-loved menu staples for many of us, but did you know the majority of ham and bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork?

Most people don’t and are shocked to find that the ham and bacon they’re feeding their families is made from pork from the other side of the world. That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign to help people seek out Australian bacon and ham.

I joined pork producers, smallgoods makers and top chefs in Adelaide to officially launch our new ads on Monday night (10 February). While these ads are light in tone, they are designed to raise awareness of the issue and help you find ham and bacon made from 100% Aussie pork.

When you’re buying ham for your sandwiches or bacon for your breakfast, take a look at the packaging or the display in the deli case. To ensure you’re buying ham and bacon made from Australian pork, the bar chart needs to show more than 90% Australian ingredients.

Unfortunately, the green and gold kangaroo on the new country of origin labels can be confusing. This kangaroo only shows the product was made in Australia, not necessarily using Australian grown produce.

Each week, $17 million worth of imported pork comes into Australia. That’s around 4 million kilograms. Of course, that affects our Australian pig farmers and the industry that supports more than 36,000 full-time jobs.

Australia and South Australia have a reputation for producing high quality, great tasting produce so it’s time to enjoy it and support our farmers. We hope our new ads will help you find great-tasting ham and bacon made from Aussie pork.

We’ve also launched a new facebook page, to help you find products and spread the word with your friends and family.

– Margo Andrae
CEO Australian Pork Limited

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