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Celebrate holidays at home with a crackling Easter

Easter in 2020 might be different to what many Australians had planned, but that doesn’t mean the long weekend won’t be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some memorable meals and a crackling break with some fresh Australian pork.

Australian Pork Limited CEO, Margo Andrae, said while COVID-19 measures had forced many long weekend and school holiday plans to change, it was an opportunity to celebrate at home.

“Australian pork is increasing in popularity as an affordable and highly versatile meat,” Ms Andrae said.

“The great news is pork producers will continue to meet consumer demand, despite the other disruptions of COVID-19. Enjoying Easter and the autumn school break in line with social isolation rules gives us a chance to spend time in the kitchen preparing meals and to create happy holiday-at-home memories.

“Australian roast pork always satisfies, and the joy of crunchy pork crackling will be even more welcome in these extraordinary times. Recipes and tips for the crispiest crackling are on our website, but essentially you just need heat, oil and salt.”

Ms Andrae said many people had been stocking their fridges and freezers with pork in recent weeks and the long weekend was the perfect chance to try new recipes.

“We’re all spending more time at home, so now’s the perfect time to enjoy the versatility of pork mince, chops, ribs or other cuts. Stop by your butcher before the long weekend and ask for suggestions on what pork dishes to cook,” she said.

“We also have plenty of inspiring recipes on our website to help you create Colin Fassnidge’s pork meatballs in tomato sauce; plate up pulled pork or really impress with a crackle-crowned roast.

“Cooking with Australian pork is also a great activity to engage and entertain children, and provides affordable, family-friendly meals. From a pizza topped with Aussie ham to folding dumplings or making burgers, there are plenty of meals that kids will love to help make and eat.”

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“And remember to keep an eye out over the long weekend and the school break to see what take-away and delivery services are being offered by your favourite local restaurants,” Ms Andrae said.

“The foodservice industry needs our support and what better way to help than to enjoy your favourite restaurant or take-away meal – like dumplings, pulled pork or BBQ ribs – in the comfort of your own home.”

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