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APL’s new teams address producer feedback

Article originally written by Peter Haydon for Australian Pork Newspaper

Consultation on the new Australian Pork Limited Strategic Plan was polarising amongst many producers.  It was different, some said challenging, others said it sucked.  However, doing things differently did prove insightful in a number of ways. It highlighted APL is on the right track with some of our efforts, with more to be done in other areas.

The new strategy comes into effect from July and to support the new strategic pillars, or key themes, we’ve made some changes to our organisation.

So what does that mean? It means we’ve listened to what our producers and other stakeholders have said. We’ve looked at the priorities for the next five years and how our team could be better arranged to deliver on those objectives.

While we’ve traditionally operated with the Marketing, Research and Innovation and Policy divisions, we’re making a shift that instead focuses on operational teams, to remove those siloes and take a more holistic approach.

The changes will be implemented over time, revolutions cause counter-revolutions, lasting change is built over time. Having said that, two new teams will come into effect in the month of June to deliver improved producer engagement and communications.

The new producer-focused team is about giving each producer a clear point of contact. While we all work for our producers, this team is designed to support building stronger relationships. Both with our industry and supporting each individual APL member in the first instance, and eventually all levy payers. This team will be led initially by Peter Smith, who has been with APL for 16 years in a number of roles. He brings to the role extensive experience, including on our industry data, production survey and with organising the Pan Pacific Pork Expo. We say initially because Peter has decided to move to Switzerland in October, so, unfortunately, we will be losing him at that time.

The team also includes the APIQ team of Steven Miller and Jennifer Stone; plus Industry Data Co-ordinator, Tracey Holland, and Manager of Technology Transfer and Industry Capability, Rachel Bryant.

In recent years, the communications capabilities of APL have been decentralised, working within the various Divisions. We’re now working to re-establish a centralised team, reporting to CEO, Margo Andrae, which improves consistency, industry visibility and builds a positive story for APL and the Australian pork industry across all communications channels.

Julia Unwin will make the move from Senior Brand Manager working on the Differentiation program, to lead this new team. Julia has more than 15 years of experience working across marketing and communications in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, including four years at APL in the Brand Team. She’ll be supported by Katana Smith, who will look after media relations, Tenita Campton who will look after digital communications, and  Vivien Chan who will look after events and publications. All four members of this team have been with APL for a number of years and will make the transition away from the Marketing Division to work across the organisation.

We all know change takes time, but these teams are designed to improve communication with all stakeholders, across channels. These new teams will improve our ability to work as one organisation, more proactively and meeting the needs of you and the industry.

These new teams do draw members from other teams, for example, six from marketing and three from R&I, those teams have planned their workloads and priorities in order to continue to deliver.

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