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APL streamlines communications

As part of the new Strategic Plan development and restructure, APL Communications Director Julia Unwin is leading an audit of producer, consumer and stakeholder communication avenues, in line with feedback from APL members.

We’re introducing a digital first strategy, this Weekly Update will now be the primary source of relevant, consolidated industry information from APL. Producer Notices will only be emailed in emergency situations. If you’d like to add a colleague to APL’s subscriber list, please let us know.

An updated APL website, which is in development, will make it more user focussed and a more accessible, single point of industry information. APL’s corporate Facebook and Twitter will communicate key information to producers, stakeholders and media in a timely manner.

APL’s Communication team is committed to consistent messaging which drives a strong industry narrative. As such, the team is grateful for feedback from producers at any time.

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