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2019 Major Review of APIQ✓® Program  Call for Tender

The APIQ✓® Certification Policies require a major review of the APIQ✓® standards be conducted every four years. The 2019 Major review involves a review of Standards, Policies, System, Documentation and Administration. It plays an important role in ensuring APIQ✓®’s overall integrity, credibility and preparedness, ensuring that the APIQ✓® Program delivers the future that the Australian pork producers and the supply chain need.

To facilitate the Major Review, a suitably experienced and qualified consultant/mediator is required to work with APIQ✓® Management (APIQM) to:

  • Identify, engage, coordinate and facilitate stakeholder working groups and committees to review specific aspects of APIQ✓®.
  • Conduct desk top reviews of APIQ✓® documents, templates and records.
  • Review opportunities for improvement identified in existing reports and stakeholder feedback and make recommendations to APIQM for implémentation.
  • Provide reports of findings, opportunities for improvement and recommendations from all review activities as listed below.

Interested parties are invited to contact APIQM for more information prior to submitting their written tender before 1 March 2019. All tenders must include:

  • An overview of previous experience in reviewing of agricultural quality assurance programs.
  • A detailed plan of how the Major Review would be coordinated including an explanation as to how stakeholders would be engaged (meetings etc.)
  • A written quote for conducting the review.

For more information please contact Steven Miller, APIQ✓® Operations Manager on 02 6270 8808 or 0439 261 169 or email

Funding Opportunities

APL recently called for tenders to address identified research priorities as approved by the Research Development Advisory Committee for 2018/19 project funding. Through this call forty proposals were received addressing research priorities across Production and Welfare, Environmental Management and Biosecurity and Product Integrity.

Further funding opportunities may exist throughout the year, dependant on available budget and an identified need for the proposed research. Prior to submitting an out-of-session application please email with details of your proposed research or contact APL on 02 6270 8819 to discuss.

APL are committed to encouraging young people to industry by supporting higher education students to establish and shape their research careers or gain experience within the Australian pork industry, and as such offer various awards and scholarships for agriculture students. For further information relating to this please look at our Industry Scholarships section.

Submitting reports

The following guidelines and templates will assist with preparing reports and financial statements for APL.

Progress Report Template

Final Report Template

Guidelines for Preparing Award and Undergraduate Scholarship Final Reports

Guidelines for Preparing Financial Statements

Annual Financial Statement Template

Final Financial Statement Template

Guidelines for Disclosure of APL Project Information – Request for Disclosure Form


Completed Research Reports

Project Summaries from research commissioned by APL are available here. Full reports can be emailed on request.