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Get Some Pork on Your Fork

Authentic spaghetti Bolognese using pork mince is the star in this Get Some Pork on Your Fork commercial.


PorkMark Awards for Excellence

As part of the PorkMark program’s promotional campaign, APL developed Australia’s first truly national Bacon and Ham Awards for Excellence competition.

Open to butchers and smallgoods companies who make bacon and ham using Australian pork, each competition is culminated in Australia’s Bacon and Ham Weeks where various promotions are run around the country including radio campaigns featuring the overall winner.

APL intends to continue this program each year with the goal of achieving more and more widespread promotional activity and publicity for Australian bacon and ham, as well as increasing awareness of the PorkMark.

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Australian Bacon Awards and Bacon Week

Aussie Bacon Poster

The decadence of a $120 bacon & egg roll 

Australian Bacon Week (12-19 May 2013) was the celebration of true, blue Aussie bacon. And with it came the announcement of the winners of the National Bacon Awards for Excellence – and Australia’s most expensive bacon and egg roll.

It is often said that bacon is the meat that will tempt vegetarians to follow the carnivorous path back to sal(i)vation. And this is the week to do it.

But some two thirds of the bacon sold in Australia is made from imported, subsidised pork. That equates to over 2.9 million kilograms of foreign pig meat – $9.9 million worth – arriving in Australia every week destined for processing into smallgoods like bacon. Australian Bacon Week is an initiative to highlight the pink square PorkMark label – the only guaranteed way consumers can choose 100 per cent pure home grown Australian bacon.

Australia’s Best Bacon, as well as other national and state winners were officially announced at a breakfast function in Sydney on Monday 13 May.  Celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge hosted the event at his restaurant, 4Fourteen, which most recently was the Comeback Kitchen on Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules.

Australia’s most decadent bacon and egg roll was unveiled at that breakfast. During Australian Bacon Week Colin Fassnidge featured what was arguably Australia’s most decadent bacon and egg roll on his menu at 4Fourteen and a more modest version at all three of his restaurants: 4Fourteen, 4inhand and Paddington Arms.

Exactly what was in Australia’s the most expensive bacon and egg roll?  It boasted the award-winning Australian bacon, duck egg cooked in truffle butter, roasted foie gras, 18-month cave-aged cheddar, shaved truffle, semi dried smoked gourmet truss tomato with a crème fraîche and caviar dressing, served on a brioche bun.

Australian Pork Limited (APL) issued a challenge to Australia’s chefs to create their own version of the most decadent bacon and egg roll to match the Fassnidge masterpiece.

First respondents to the challenge were Boston and Grasshopper who offered customers both a high priced and a more modest priced bacon and egg roll. Their premium rolls included specialty locally made bacon, organic duck egg, Pino’s lardo, house made black pudding, scallops, vanilla and fig on a ‘Golden’ brioche bun. Chefs Lauren Murdoch at The 3 Weeds and Paul Bishop at Bishop Sessa also bent their minds to their Aussie bacon-lead creations.

Throughout Australian Bacon Week various butchers and supermarkets around the country featured PorkMark labelled Australian bacon.

Currently, there are 384 butchers and smallgoods producers licensed to champion the PorkMark on their products.  Since the inception of Australian Bacon Week in 2010, the number of licensees nationwide has continued to grow, reflecting the growing push from the Australian public to identify and buy local Australian grown produce.

The National Bacon Awards for Excellence judging panel comprised fleishmeister Horst Schurger, who has a Master’s degree in Butchering and Smallgoods from the Master College in Mönchengladbach Germany and two chefs, Paul McDonald and Simon Bestley. Between them, McDonald and Bestley have broad international experience working in Michelin starred restaurants, cruise liners and premier teaching institutions.

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Australian Ham Awards and Ham Week

Ham Week Poster

Australian Ham Week, 21-28 October, 2012

Media Release  Australian Ham Week leads the fight for Australian Grown Pork – to view click here.



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