Facts & Figures

Market Reporting

APL produces a series of market reporting publications aimed at keeping members and other stakeholders up-to-date on prices, trends and forecasts both at the domestic and international level.

For more information on Market Reporting contact APL’s Industry Analyst on market.reporting@australianpork.com.au or call 1800 789 099 (toll free).

Eyes and Ears

Eyes and Ears is a weekly newsletter with information on farm gate pig prices and pork wholesale prices. The Eyes and Ears newsletter also includes a weekly feed grain update.

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Imports, Exports and Domestic Production

The Imports, Exports, Domestic Production Report provides a comprehensive overview of the country of origin for pork imports, major export destinations for farmed Australian pork and offal and Australian slaughter and production trends. (Click the ⤢ button at the bottom-right of the graph to view the report in full-screen mode)

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Australian Pig Annual

Australian Pig Annual (APA) was an annual overview of market information and pig industry performance data and statistics with three areas of focus; pig industry structure, farm gate performance and post farm-gate statistical information about Australia’s pork industry.

This data, comprising aspects of pig meat marketing and consumption, has been collated by APL from its own sources and from others such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics (ABARE) and overseas sources such as BPEX and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

APL produced the APA publication annually for the pork industry, and was first published in 1992.

All figures represented were correct at the time of publication.

Australian Pig Annual 2012-2013

Australian Pig Annual 2011-2012

Australian Pig Annual 2010-2011

Australian Pig Annual 2009-2010 (Revised 06.05.2011)

Australian Pig Annual Supplement Issue 2 – December 2009

Australian Pig Annual Supplement Issue 1 – June 2009

Australian Pig Annual 2006-2008