Workshop: Little Pig’s House of Straw…

Are you interested in using pig eco-shelter bedding as an alternative fertiliser for broadacre crops or pastures?

  • What is the nutrient content of spent pig bedding?
  • What rates do I need to apply?
  • How can I access the equipment to spread it on my land?
  • Do I need to use conventional fertiliser as well?
  • Is the application of manure-based products cost effective?
  • Does eco-shelter bedding improve poor soils?

To find out the answers to these and other questions come along to a free half day workshop on how to utilise piggery eco-shelter bedding as a fertiliser and soil improver in broadacre cropping and pasture paddocks.

Peter Cook of Long Plains, SA has been using spent bedding from straw-based pig shelters since 2007.

“Last year I cut back the amount of urea applied to crops treated with

bedding and reduced the rate of DAP at seeding without any yield

penalties,” Peter Cook.

The workshops will be delivered by Tony Craddock, an independent agronomist with Rural Directions Pty Ltd, based in South Australia. Tony has many years experience in conducting trials and providing advice to farmers on how to utilise manures and other recycled by-products as fertilisers.

This workshop series is funded by Australian Pork Limited.

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