Producer consultation for APIQ’s Major Review (Ballarat)

APL is required to conduct a major review of the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ✓®) every four years. The APIQ✓® program aims to be an effective risk management tool for Australian pork producers to support their businesses, assist with market access and provide reassurance to customers and other industry stakeholders. To enable the system to do this, a good understanding of stakeholder needs, both now and into the future, is required. 

A major review is being conducted in consultation with stakeholders and in association with APIQ✓® management (APIQM). The major review involves the review of all APIQ✓® standards, policies, technical, management and administrative documentation and the third party auditing system. It therefore plays an important role in ensuring APIQ✓® program’s overall integrity, credibility and preparedness. This review aims to ensure that the industry has a quality assurance program that can maintain credibility and continues to meet the future needs of the pork supply chain.

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