Mr Mark McLean

Mr Mark McLean is Managing Director/ Co-owner of Riverhaven Enterprises Pty LTD, a family agricultural company operating 1000 sow pig farm, including irrigated horticultural crops located in South Australia.

Mr McLean has extensive experience in agribusiness, holding many roles within the pork sector as well as Irrigated Horticulture and holds an Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Farm Management) from the Adelaide University, SA.
In addition to business development and operations at Riverhaven Enterprises, Mr McLean is an executive director and Co-Owner of Top Multiplier Pty Ltd providing high level production, financial and executive management to this 1000 sow pig company. Mr McLean was also actively involved in the industry through his role as Chairman of PorkSA from 2017 to 2019, representing SA pork farmers with government, cross sectoral groups, the media and general public. He also represents other Australian pork producers as an APL delegate.

Mr McLean has skills in agribusiness development, commodity marketing, sustainable farming and irrigation management Consistent with his interests, he has initiated water saving irrigation infrastructure in the Riverhaven Enterprise operation and improved sow productivity on farm through improved on farm management and staff training. Mr McLean also operates a feedmill established onsite to supply pig feed for all farms managed by McLean directors, grows olives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil production and citrus for fresh fruit production and provides composting of all animal manures on site for use internally and by external customers