Mr David Plant

Mr Plant is General Manager of Monogastric production and a member of the Executive Board for Milne AgriGroup.  He is responsible for budgeting, profitability and strategic development of the pig and chicken businesses and works closely with the marketing team of branding and new product development.  The meat division is integrated with production, slaughter and further processing capabilities all contributing to a range of branded fresh and further processed retail ready products.

With other 35 years’ experience in Australian and European pig and poultry industries; he has gained a wealth of experience in staff management, commercial management and business development.  In addition, his experience through value chain analysis work with major retailers including Tesco in the UK, Mr Plant has a good knowledge of supply chain management.

Mr Plant has been an APL elected director for nine years and Delegate for eleven years and with his passion for the pig industry and knowledge of high welfare production systems he was elected Chair of the Industry Integrity Committee. In his role on the APL Board, Mr Plant is a member of the Marketing Development Committee.