Dr Brian Luxford

Dr Luxford has been employed at Rivalea, the largest Australian pork producer, since 1988 and currently manages the company’s Research and Innovation, Demand Planning and Quality Assurance. The position covers technical support, research, and management across all sectors of the supply chain: feed milling, pig production, pig processing and new product development. Dr Luxford has served as an APL Delegate and on a number of APL research committees. He was a member of both the Pork Cooperative Research Centre steering committees and was Program Manager for Program 2 in the new CRC. Prior to the formation of APL, Dr Luxford was a director of the Pig Research and Development Corporation and for ten years was a director of PrimeGro, a biotech company based in Adelaide. Dr Luxford currently chairs the Research and Development Committee, and is a member of the Board’s Audit, Risk and Corporate Governance Committee.