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Maintaining stockperson productivity

Part three of a three-part series on potential business improvement opportunities from R&I, originally written by Peter Haydon for Australian Pork Newspaper

As mentioned in April’s APN article, the research team continue to focus on finding ways to reduce production costs, keep our farms safe, and improve our license to operate.

In a time where it’s difficult to get any news that’s not related to COVID-19, we thought we’d put together an update on some of the things the R&I team are working on been working to deliver lately.

Maintaining stockperson productivity – Rachael Bryant
ProHand is a course that teaches stock people in the pork industry how to ensure they are interacting positively with pigs. It covers how to move pigs in a low stress way that can result in an improvement in animal welfare and productivity. It is well-recognised and widely used by Australian pig farmers and their staff and has been delivered through an online system for several years.

Work has been underway at APL to move the current ProHand Pigs, Abattoir, and Review courses onto a new and better online platform. In addition to housing all the existing content, this platform will also enable producers and other industry stakeholders to directly register their own staff for ProHand, oversee their progress during the course and access reports on staff, site or even company use.

The course has been built on the new platform and is currently undergoing testing with the original course developers at the University of Melbourne’s Animal Welfare Science Centre.

APL plan to relaunch ProHand Pigs and ProHand Review by the end of May, with ProHand Abattoir to follow later in November 2020.

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